Practical Effective Self-Defence

No matter what the program, or where you will find us in your community, our first and foremost value is practical, effective self defence. This means constantly learning, exploring, and discovering different solutions, to what are very serious problems of crime and violence in our society. Looking at where and why attacks happen, who attacks who, and when, we get a better understanding of the cycles and trends in crime and assault. We also compare other solutions available outside our own techniques and philosophies, because our goal isn't to promote "what we say is the best" but what is actually the most useful. We use this information as a gauge to evaluate our own programs to ensure we are always providing the most practical and effective Self-Defence available. We take this responsibility very, very seriously and understand that the real price of “defeat” is too grim for sport-arts to accept, and too great for us to ignore.

On-going Training Programs


Full Time Program (4+/week)

We offer a fully accredited Adult Jiu-Jitsu program, Jishin-Ryu Jiu-Jitsu and Youth Jiu-Jitsu Program called The Seven Paths. 

This full time (4 days per week+) program provides instruction from Yellow Belt to Black Belt, including  Striking (kicking & punching) Close Quarter (clinch) Ground (grappling) and weapons training (Kubaton, Baton, Knife, Cord, and Bokken. 

Not sure if we / Jiu-Jitsu are right for you? Book your consultation at no cost to come to the studio and discuss your developmental goals, and see if there is value for you in  the programs we offer!  

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Outreach Programs & Classes

We offer core training classes for both BIssett Jiu-Jitsu and B-LINE Self-Defence at our home location,
but you can find us out in your community as well!

Check out the latest opportunities "In Your Community" for info about Strike Back and Street Proof our general Self-Defence, as well as our R.E.A.L. Fighting series, looking at how to resist armed attackers.

We love getting involved with our Community, so feel free to contact us about any opportunity you may have with your business, work, or religious group for training.

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Part Time Program (2/week)

B-LINE is the core Self-Defence System taught for those looking for the "meat & potatoes" of Self-Defence, Personal Protection, and Confrontation Management. 

With no belts, Gi's or traditional  uniforms, B-LINE students will look at real life situations and attacks as they progress through 20 hours per level of training, 2x per week.  

This program was Designed to give the novice confidence and the skill they need to survive a deadly real-world encounter.  Call or email today to book your no-cost, no-obligation consultation and get started with your training session.

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